Testimonials and Reviews

I have lived and/or worked in Nashville for 20 years as a songwriter and artist. It’s been said that the music business these days is all about DIY (do it yourself) and that no one is coming to “save” you. They are right; and they are wrong. Carol and Bond Edutainment saved me….from going out of my mind! It takes a lot of work to keep my DIY ship afloat. I haven’t found anything yet she’s NOT good at or attentive to. In short, Carol is a top shelf professional who is honest, hard working and resourceful and oftentimes works miracles. It’s good to be saved!” David G Smith Singer/Songwriter

I cannot recommend Bond Edutainment highly enough. My business has grown by an average of 300% since Carol started helping me. (Seriously. I just did the math on the calculator.) She knew exactly what I needed. She’s organized and has a great personality and keeps me on task in a positive, good-humored way. As a creative-type, I absolutely need help staying on track. It’s best if someone who is not overbearing can help me with that. Carol is encouraging and persistent, but never overbearing. I recommend Bond Edutainment to everyone. I wish I’d hired them 10 years ago. This review would be longer, but I am SO OVERLOADED WITH WORK that I can’t spare any more time at the moment! I need to get back to processing and editing photos! Lisa V Connor Photography

I have been working with Bond Edutainment now for two and half years and it has transformed my business and my life. For 15 years I have been “Bobo the Clown” and would occasionally do a show here and there. Once I started working with Bond Edutainment, however, everything changed…. I got noticed — and often!  Calls came rolling in from so many different sources!

· They set up my website and helped me get reviews.
· They did online marketing and got me on Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter.
· They arranged for me to be easily found on Google, and I often come up as one of the first Clowns in TN!
I was also coached on acting more business-like, which isn’t always so easy for a Clown. I would highly recommend Bond Edutainment to anyone who wants to make some real changes in their business. Nikki Dean, Bobo The Clown 

Carol & Bond Edutainment worked with me promoting a project and improving my business, and their knowledge and enthusiasm ensure that I will be working with them again, and I know I’ve found someone with whom I’d like to form a long lasting working relationship. Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers

Carol and Bond Edutainment are professional with a balance of personal caring and operational integrity. They can be counted on for quality results, suggesting recommendations and being a fabulous resource for discussing business ideas and direction. Strengths are in her immediate response to ever-changing needs and ensuring priorities are established and accomplished. I specifically, like Carol’s partnership attitude toward her client’s efforts. Patricia Leonard & The Runway to Success

Carol & Bond Edutainment  have done outstanding and effective work for me on two of my most important projects: TuneUpYourSong.com (song coaching service) and Major Treble Music for Kids. Their knowledge of social media marketing combined with her inventiveness, intelligence and follow-through have been priceless. I will always use their services … thank you so much, Carol, for all you’ve done and are still doing … !! Julie Zeitlin and Major Treble Music for Kids