GeoBlast! – The World Under Your Feet (STEM Enrichment Program)

STEM Enrichment Program

Geo-Blast! STEM Enrichment Program. Fun programs for Geography, Social Studies, Math education and more!

Geo Blast! STEM Enrichment Program

Our HUGE map of the world gets kids excited about math, social studies, history, geography and science!

Geo Blast is an interactive program using inquiry based learning encouraging kids to discover what is where, who went where, what they found, where they found it, why was it there, where what is found, how much of what is found where. The paths that open are endless.

Our 12 foot by 24 foot Dymaxion map of the world launches inquiry into population distributions, demographics, how to graphs, percentages, fractions. The possibilities are endless. An educational and entertaining interaction of geography, history, math and map reading skills for students.

Kids love bounding from country to country learning the names of places, the physical and cultural geography of faraway lands, and map reading skills all the while having fun.

A great hands on – feet on experience!

Geoblast! Reviews

My first graders loved Geo-Blast. They enjoyed learning about the continents in a game approach. They were learning and did not even realize just how much they were learning. Thank-you for your time you spent with my class. It really was fun and educational. Julie Simmons, Ed.D. First Grade Teacher Lipscomb Elementary School

 “I really liked how the children got to follow a path on the map to get to different continents. The continent toss was a great game to reinforce learning the continents. The children learned how to give directions to a buddy to get them to their destination.”Sherry Birdwell at Crockett Elementary in Nashville, TN Learn more about GeoBlast!