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Songwriting Workshop for teens and adults with David G Smith

About David G Smith

David G Smith is a Lifetime Nashville Songwriters Association, International member (NSAI). He has served as a NSAI charter GAP board member assisting and mentoring over 100 artist/writers deemed “Music Row Ready.” David was also an NSAI Adopt-A-Shop Pro for the Moline, IL NSAI  songwriting workshop.

David helped coördinate public performances for “Songwriters In The Round,” a joint venture with River Music Experience in Davenport Iowa. For ten years David provided feedback to songwriters who participated in SITR who ranged in age from 15 to 70 and fielded a variety of questions; ranging from songwriting craft to music career counseling. David continues co-coordinating a monthly informal meetup at the RME called The Songwriters Round Table.

Song Workshop Details

  • David will listen to at least one song by each writer and give feedback about: idea, music, lyric, structure, rhyme scheme, emotional impact.
  • Song presentation can include a live performance or cued up and clear recorded playback version. A type-written lyric sheet is a must. Allow 15 minutes to include performance and feedback for each attendee.
  • Time permitting there will be a Q&A. Topics can include music business questions but the focus of the workshop will be on the craft of writing.
  • Attendance capacity is about 12 writers.
  • Fee is $50/person for a stand alone workshop (plus expenses for lodging if applicable) or $300 flat fee for up to 6 writers. Included is a free copy of the book “My Four- Minute Life” by Jesse F McRae
  • Live performance option available

Previous Songwriting Workshops

  • Mark Fogleson lined up a wonderful house concert with a well-organized workshop at his Elbow Lake home in western MN in June of 2015.
  • Moline NSAI Workshop featuring Deanna Walker and Rick Beresford from Nashville in 2008. David arranged this workshop for the local membership. Deanna, Rick and David performed a show on a Friday night; and conducted the workshop the next day.
  • Deanna’s Blair School Of Music Songwriter Class September 2016. This was a 2 hour-long session that discussed songwriting and the DIY artist’s life.
  • Mid 2000’s. Grandparents United (grandparent advocates for abused children) asked David to team up with 9-year-old McKenzley Morris. She had a gift for writing and singing even at that tender age. He co-wrote two songs with McKenzley that she performed at the Redstone Room/River Music Experience in concert.

Reviews about Song Workshops

Dave worked with my then young granddaughter who had written two different songs at ages 9 & 10. Dave helped put music to her words and sang both of them with her at two different Child Abuse Awareness Concerts in Davenport. He was so kind and helpful and gave a lot of time to her. Our family is so thankful for his generosity to allow our granddaughter to express and feel good about herself.
Shirley Darsidan
Clinton, Iowa