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Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers Pirate Show


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Pirate School Program

Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers and their pirate show tour the US, the Caribbean and the world in their tricorn hats and bandanas. This talented band of pirates play a rollicking mix of piratical sing alongs, historical rave-ups, afro cuban tinged ballads and bluesy Irish jigs.

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Before there were iPads there were eye-patches and pirates entertained each other with story and song. Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers have students singing along with their songs about the golden age of piracy, the early 1700’s.

Kids learn about history, geography, and music through rollicking sea shanties!

Students learn about:

  • The press gangs that forced sailors to join the Royal Navy leading them to become pirates – “In The Service of the King”
  • Clap along to songs about the trade routes that developed as European nations expanded westward – “Queen of the Spanish Main” and “Far Far Away”
  • Discover the joy of life at sea through rhythms and melodies plundered from around the world.

The performance is offered as an assembly show for large groups or for individual classroom workshops which allows for more in-depth conversation and exploration.Kid's Pirate Show

Working with concepts from your State Standards

  •  Critical and creative thinking, using imagination.
  • Developing listening skills
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Elements of music
  • Historical inquiry

Pirate Program Reviews

One of the highlights, for me, as Children and Youth Director of Beverley Folk Festival, at last year’s festival was Tom’s performance on the Outdoor Stage. By the end of the session he was joined on stage by a sea of young people.

The stage was awash with colour – the under sevens Irish dancers dressed in pink and black couldn’t wait to join Tom! His natural empathy with all people encouraged our young musicians to join him in the fun. His invitation to two of our 16 year olds to join him for a couple of numbers when he performed on one of the main stages was generous and an experience Josh and peter will never forget.

Beverley Folk Festival is nationally reknowned and over the past few years we have won awards for being ‘family friendly’. Tom’s presence at the festival carried on this tradition. We would love for him to return. Denise Delahay

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneer’s visit to our school was a fun and educational music event appreciated by the 8 – 12 year olds. Months later the students still remember the excitement of being up close to talented professionals who shared the history of the seas through music. The chance to join in percussion and chants enhanced the thrill!” Sue Meeking, St Augustine’s Primary School, Kyabram, Australia

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