Girls and Airplanes: Outcasts, Rebels, Revolutionaries

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Inspirational Teen and Pre-Teen Program

This program spins off Anne E.’s anthem (included in the soundtracks of two films), “Girls and Airplanes”, a salute to the WASP (Women’s Auxiliary Service Pilots), who went to work during WWII, piloting planes, ferrying planes and training male pilots.

Not only is “Girls and Airplanes” a teaching tool for history but it, along with other original songs like “Out There” and “Fly Away”, open a door to a discussion about daring individuals from all walks of life who step out of the boundaries that have been set for them and help to change
themselves and the world.

Anne E. engages kids in stories, told through song, that talk about being brave following your heart and dreams even when it may not be the most popular thing to do. She uses people like the WASP, The Wright Brothers, Rosa Parks and even a person from a small town wanting to explore a life different than that of his ancestors to illustrate the point.

Great for pre-teens, teens and elementary school age children!

Songs include: click to listen


Anne E DeChant worked for Reasons and Rhymes Early Learning Center in Akron, Ohio for 13 years. She started as assistant to the kindergarten teacher, became head teacher for 4 year olds and was eventually the supervisor for the Before and After School and Summer Programs.

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On 5/18/2016, Anne E. Dechant was the guest performer at Family Story Time at the Thompson Lane Branch Library. She performed several songs about loving ourselves and dreaming big, including one about stars during which each child put “stars” in it a Lite Brite. The children loved playing with Anne’s thunder noise maker, and together everyone created a “rainstorm” using their hands and feet to imitate the sounds of rain, wind, and thunder. It was very well attended and everyone had a stellar time! Linda Emerson, Nashville Pubic Library