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Ray Do Me, Children's Musical Edutainer

Ray Doe Me, Children’s Guitar Entertainer

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Ray Doe Me is an in-demand children’s performer, playing kid’s guitar music, who entertains and educates. He emphasizes the music that surrounds us and is in us all! Everyone knows the major scale – Do Re Me Fa Sol La Te Do. It’s stuck in your head, right? Ray Doe Me helps children (and adults) make connections with those simple notes. He demonstrates how they are the building blocks of music. In addition, Ray presents basic “sound science” explaining the waves of sound that bounce around us everywhere we go – just like ripples in water! Ray Doe Me is sure to be a hit at your event.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our satisfied customers had to say:“The Gregory School of Trenton was thrilled to have singer/songwriter Ray Doe Me perform for the Boys & Girls Club after school program. The children were treated to a live unplugged concert in the round given by Ray Doe Me. Smiles were on every face as the crowd cheered Ray Doe Me as he sang covers and originals.I was not surprised that the children hounded down Ray Doe Me for his autograph! It was a great time had by all.” Nicole Sage, Program Director of the Arts, Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County, Trenton, NJ

Are you having a Wild West theme event and need some Cowboy entertainment? Would you like a “sound workshop”? Ray Doe Me can provide all of this and more!

The children were so excited to see a “real cowboy” right in their school! We definitely had a good time; Ray Doe Me is a great performer, and very personable. He included some cute stories about cowboys and Texas – everyone was clapping and singing along – it was a great show! Jamie Goff, Lancaster Christian Early Learning CenterContact us today!

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