Mare & Nomad – Kid Friendly Music

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Kid Friendly Music

Mare & Nomad: Kid Friendly Music and Songwriting for Kids!

Mare and Nomad incorporate fun-filled lyrics and upbeat musical grooves with dance moves and sing-alongs. Ask about their songwriting workshops for kids as well!

Favorite songs for kids and parents

  • I Gotta Rock about getting a rock in one’s shoe.
  • The Tomato Song with dance moves representing sun and rain.
  • The Fly Flew In which gets kids vocalizing over jazz chords.
  • Latin-flavored, eco-conscious Earth Day.
  • Kids learn musical terms like “scat” and “backbeat” while singing along and playing “air drums”.

Mare Wakefield and Nomad are an Americana folk duo based out of Nashville Tennessee.  Mare grew up in Southeast Texas and was heavily influenced by the alt-country sounds coming out of the Lone Star State.

Nomad is from Istanbul, Turkey and carries a full arsenal of classical and jazz chops at his piano-playing fingertips.  Together for twelve years, (married for almost nine), they have been making kid friendly music in Nashville together all the while.