YouTube Marketing for Edutainers, Singer-Songwriters and Children’s Entertainers

This week’s assignment for Imarketing Class was to watch the Expert Session with Trevor Erikson, “YouTube Marketing 101 for Small Business.”

Trevor increased family owned business “Just Sports’ online sales by 343% with YouTube and other digital marketing efforts. He did this with next to no budget, something I understand working with individuals and small businesses who often do not have large marketing budgets available. Trevor leveraged YouTube (the number 2 search engine) and discusses 5 video types a business can use to promote their products. Clients of Bond Edutainment are all service-based although some do have products, such as CD’s and other branded merchandise. I have taken Trevor’s 5 video types and provided ideas and examples that some of Bond Edutainment clients could or have done to fit these categories.

YouTube Video Categories

  1. Video Unboxing
  2. How To’s and Tutorials
  3. Product Comparisons
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Torture Testing

Video Un-Boxing

For a product this would involve reviewing how the packaging looks and protects the product inside. Using humor in your videos is often suggested, so perhaps for a service like Mr. Bond and The Science Guys we could make a video with a “Science Guy” coming to a party in a cardboard box and have the birthday child discuss the packaging and unwrap the box to find Mr. Bond inside.

Other ideas for singer/songwriters and children’s entertainers

  • A fan opening a new CD, album or t-shirt.
  • Arrival of a singer/band at a venue, introduction of the sound guy, bartender etc. and a look at the stage/venue before set up.
  • Arrival of a children’s entertainer at a party. This could include arriving through the front door and the looks on the kids faces the first time they see our Clown, Santa Claus or Pirate!

How To’s and Tutorials

Trevor says to make these short and to the point. His example was “How to Wash a Nike NFL Jersey” and is less than 4 minutes long.


youtube marketing 101 Tell them

Trevor recommends including a summary at the beginning and a summary at the end and including detailed information in the description area.

Some of our clients are already creating “how to videos.”  Anne E DeChant created “Making a Musician’s Merchandise Display Case,” a guitar instruction video for her song “Go Get Joe” and a personal interest video where she shows her love of fishing with a video on “How To Tie a Fisherman’s Knot.” We also have a popular video from our party clown on “How to Make a Balloon Animal. 

Other ideas from and for our clients:

  • David G Smith could do some how to tutorials on being a better tennis player; something to give insight to his fans about his other passions and interests.
  • Mr. Bond and The Science Guys could do a series of 1 minute science experiments
  • Patricia Leonard creates how to videos for her career and business coaching business featuring her alter ego “Ebbie”

Comparison Products

We run into a little bit of difficulty creating comparison videos for our services but again we might find a way to use humor.

  • Compare a version of Mizz KT and Friendz cover of a song by a puppet with the original artist version
  • Often reviewers will compare a newer artist with an older iconic artist. Perhaps with tongue firmly planted in cheek we could create a video comparing the older and newer artist.

Product Reviews

Trevor suggests photos and close up shots of physical products along with good research and talking about components that the naked eye can’t see. For our clients getting reviews is an ongoing important process. Incorporating video is a great idea and here are some suggestions.

  • Fan videos after a gig talking about how the liked the show of the singer/songwriter or band they just watched.
  • Parents reactions after a birthday party with Bobo The Clown or The Science Guy
  • A clients testimonial about their experience with Santa Claus during a Christmas event.
  • A teachers testimonial about their experience after an in-school field trip with The Science Guys

Mr. Bond and The Science Guys mission is to make science, fun, cool and easy. At a summer camp one of the teachers took this video and shared it with us. We think it’s a pretty good review of the camp!

Torture Testing

Some of the best known and funniest videos to hit YouTube were the “Will it Blend” videos by BlendTec. With plenty of humor we are entertained but also shown how well these blenders work. Bond Edutainment clients would also want to use humor for these types of videos.

  • Snippets of difficulties on the road. “How long can a musician stand on the side of a highway with a broken down vehicle”
  • Before and after shots of the science guys during a week-long camp. Perhaps happy and cheerful welcoming everyone on day one and exhausted and spent after all the kids leave on days five.
  • We could always put a CD in a blender…

Other tips from Mr. Erikson includ filling out all the sections on your YouTube Channel page, making an inventory of your assets and creating a publishing schedule.


Digital Marketing Nashville – 3 Steps to Paid Search Success

This is the second is a series of blogs on digital marketing for a class I’m taking in Nashville with Ross Jones. This week we are focusing on Paid Search Marketing. John Gagnon, a self professed “data dork,” was our speaker during the video Expert Session.

I will try to explain as best I can the information shared in the video while using my client Mr. Bond and The Science Guys as the business I am setting up for a Paid Search Campaign.

John discussed three specific sections for setting up your Google Adwords, Bing Ad or other paid search campaign. The first is to find out the value of a click. The second is understanding the search funnel and the third is the framework for creating ad copy.

Value of a Click in Paid Search

According to John the number one search position’s click-through-rate is 9.7%. This drops drastically to 1.9% for the number four position. So although being above the fold or somewhere on the first search engine results page (SERP) for organic search is good, for paid search being number one is more important. A click is what happens between the search page and the landing page.

The value of a click will vary in regard to the product, service and business. The formula requires a history of paid search campaigns in order to have a conversion rate. For my purposes I will be making up the conversion rate for Mr. Bond and The Science Guys as we have not yet run any paid ads online. The formula is as follows;

Cost Per Click

Margin per sale multiplied by the conversion rate (sales per 100 clicks) will give you the cost per click (CPC). The current price of a Mr. Bond and The Science Guys birthday party in the Nashville area is $200. If we have a conversion rate of 3% the CPC would be $6.

Break Even CPC

To go even further we can figure out the Break Even CPC, which is the most you can pay for a click and still make money. The average conversion rate is between 2-4% so I will continue to use the conversion rate of 3%.  We take the net amount of cost-per-action (CPA) Mr. Bond makes per birthday party which I’ll say is $100 after expenses and multiply it by our conversion rate (CVR) of 3%. So our Break Even CPC is $3.

If this is the case, we need to increase our conversions. How we do that is discussed in the next section.

Paid Search Funnel

In this section we are discovering the variety of steps a searcher might take and how we approach them at each phase. First we look at the 4 steps in the searchers flow. Again I will use Mr. Bond and The Science Guys as an example through each step.

  1. Search box (Query – Science Birthday Party in Nashville)
  2. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) science-party-nashville
  3. Landing Page birthday-party-mr-bond
  4. Conversion – this would be making a call to schedule a party, emailing us or filling out the contact form.In order to increase our conversions we need to make the searchers flow a good experience. In order to do that we need to look at how we search and then communicate correctly to the searcher at each stage of the flow.

I’ll use this model below with a searcher in Nashville looking for a birthday party.

Initial Research: Birthday Party ideas

Specific Field: Science Birthday Party

Add more detail: Science Birthday Party in Nashville

Specific Brand: Mr. Bond Birthday Party

Now we need to learn how to create ads in a campaign to target these search queries at the correct stages.

Ad Campaign

In this section we will break down even further to 3 more sections. Keywords, Ad Copy and Bid.


What are the most important services or products that makes sense for us to sell online? Since Mr. Bond doesn’t offer products we will look at the different services it would make sense to market with a Google or Bing Ad. From these services we can start to find our keywords and ad groups. John suggests 10 to 30 keywords per ad group and 2 to 3 ads per ad group to test what does and doesn’t work.

  • Birthday Parties in Nashville
  • Birthday Parties in Baltimore
  • In-School Field Trips in Nashville
  • In-School Field Trips in Baltimore
  • After School Clubs in Nashville
  • After School Clubs in Baltimore
  • Science Camps in Nashville

Ad Copy

Next we will think about writing the ad. Ask yourself what sets you apart from your competitors. Also include any special offers.

  • We come to you! In home birthday parties and in-school field trips.
  • Family operated business.
  • Over 20 years experience.
  • Locally owned and operated
  • We make science fun, cool and easy!
  • Camps at schools like MBA, BGA, Harding Academy and more
  • $25 off your party if you click now
  • Sibling Discounts for camps and clubs
  • No need for a school bus for field trips
  • Science Guys are all background checked


In this section we go back to the beginning and figure out how much a lead is worth to us for each service. The cost and profit of a birthday party will differ from that of a in-school field trip and so on. We also consider our goals and peak times. For example the peak times to get registrants for Mr. Bond and The Science Guy summer camps are January through April. We would not run ads for summer science camps in September.

Effective Ads

As mentioned earlier the benefit of paid search marketing is the ability to test and repeat to improve your CTR and conversion rate. In order to continue to improve and create effective ads John employs the Conversion Sequence Formula. Simply (ahem) put it is C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) -2a.

C is Probability of Conversion
m is Motivation of the User (when)
v is Clarity of the Value Proposition (why)
i is Incentive to Take Action
f is Friction of Elements of Process
a is Anxiety about Entering Information

Below I will break this down further and again use Mr. Bond as an example and discover more ad copy.

Value Proposition: Affordable, Multiple Themes, Sibling Discounts, Book 2 get 1 free.
Anxiety: Over 20 years experience. No deposit necessary. 5 Star Reviews, Background checks.
Friction: Schedule today, 24 hour response time, Book online,
Incentive: Schedule 2 get 1 free, $25 discount, Discounts for Multiple Grades, Sibling Discounts

Creating a successful paid advertising search campaign requires understanding your customers needs and actions online. Taking that knowledge and creating ad copy and landing pages that make for a good user experience and in turn improve sales. Once you have run a few campaigns, use the information acquired from your campaigns to continue to improve the user experience and create a financially successful business by making more sales!


Are Streaming Services the New Social Media?

I am attending the 2016 Americana Music Festival and Conference in Nashville this week. Below are my thoughts and take-aways from the two panel discussions related to streaming services. Get Heard: How Streaming Helps Artists and Pandora AMP Masterclass. 

streaming-americana-festNew clients/artists want to get on Spotify’s New Music Friday, is how the conversation began, led by moderator Charles Alexander.of Streaming Promotions. But first you need to be verified and then you need 250 followers. In order to get followers you need to engage with the service, urge your fan base to find you on the platform and follow you. Other suggestions from the panel included embedding the platform’s player on your website and using them in your press campaigns along with giving incentives to your fan base (like access to a free video), if they follow your playlist. Basically you are trying to “create organic traffic” to your music and artist profile on that streaming service.

This all sounded familiar to me who helps musicians, singers/songwriters and children entertainers increase their bookings and sales with the help of social media and other marketing tools. In the case of anyone who creates music, streaming services are where an artist may want to take a similar approach to engaging fans as they have on their social media.

Spotify or Pandora or both?

Although the discussion often centered around Spotify, Rachel Whitney from Pandora was able to break through and get us excited about the upcoming Pandora AMP Masterclass. Here I learned that Pandora is a radio station and is #1 in 49 US markets. There are 30 million Pandora accounts and 80% of listening is on mobile. Heather Ellis talked to us about the number of tools available to music makers in the new Pandora Artists Marketing Platform (AMP). There are 4 main sections which I will list below with my takeaways.


Insights and Charts

  • Tells us who, where and how
  • Using Next Big Sound which pulls in data from across the internet and basically gives the artists digital footprint
  • 3 Charts including the Up and Coming Artist Chart and Pandora Trendsetters

Marketing Tools – Free and Self Service

Artist Audio Messaging for Desktop and Mobile

  • Record short audio messages that you can schedule,
  • Geo-target your messages to play in specific markets

Feature Tracks

  • Find it on the desktop dashboard
  • Good for promoting new music and to use in conjunction with audio messaging.

Content Programs

  • Pandora Premieres allows for a branded page and previews of album before release dates
  • New Music Stations are highly curated, best of the best across a full spectrum of artists and updated weekly
  • To get involved you need to reach out to

Live Events and Ticketfly

  • Pandora has multiple events every year where they pay the artists who perform but the events are free
  • They use the data including demographics and listening behavior of their account holders to determine who to invite to these events and who to have perform.

Quotes from the Panel


I take many notes when I attend these kind of events and often things are said that I want to share with those I work with and anyone else who may be helped by the experience of the panelists. Here are some I picked up yesterday mainly when the discussion came around to the money side of streaming.

“If you’re indie and have significant spins you need an admin person and you need to register with Sound Exchange.” Charles Alexander

“We’re not in that era anymore” Nate Yetton

“We are in an education period” Robert Knotts

“Don’t get stuck in the weeds” Rachel Whitney



Digital Marketing Nashville – SEO Expert Session with Duane Forrester

For the next several weeks I will be posting about Internet marketing. I am taking a 14 week course in East Nashville with Ross Jones (2TheTop Web Design and Marketing) and some of our assignments involve blogging about the material we are studying. The following, “A Summary of SEO,” is the first in a series of blogs from different authorities on Digital Marketing.

Who: Duane Forrester @DuaneForrester,
Position during Expert Session: Sr. Product Manager Bing Webmaster Program.
Current Position: VP, Organic Search Operations .
Author: How To Make Money With Your Blog, Turn Clicks Into Customers

Summary of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing Tool | Art Form | Organic

Process of improving a website to make it more relevant to searchers and search engines.
SEO is NOT fast, guaranteed, completed once and done or free (it takes your time).

Introduction Takeaways

  • In the research of a product phase searchers use plurals (Digital Cameras)
  • In the purchase phase searchers use singular words (Digital Camera)
  • Search has trained consumer behavior so that when reading a SERP a reader will move from top left down, not left to right as a westerner would read a book. This is one reason ranking higher is important.
  • Searchers scan, so keywords are in bold on SERP to create a call to action
  • There are still people who don’t understand clickable links; therefore usability is important

Why perform SEO?

  • Increase relevancy, exposure, visits, page views, and revenues
  • Create a better user experience
  • Investment in website’s future
  • Low cost

12 Things to know about SEO

  1. SEO is not a one time action or overnight, it takes time and continued effort like building wealth.
  2. Research targeted keywords for each page of your website and keep a list. Use multiple keyword search tools to make sure trend is similar across all sources. Use keywords in meta tags, folder, file names, etc.
  3. <Title> Tag is one of the most important tags and should be unique for each page and around 60 characters. This is a “clue” for search engines.
  4. Add page relevant descriptive alt text (keywords) to content images with copyrights at the end. Done when uploading your images to your website/blog etc.
  5. Write one keyword rich <H1> tag per page to serve as page’s headline.
  6. Write compelling (include a call to action) <meta> descriptions or search engine will randomly select something for you.
  7. Every page should offer crawlable text for search engine robots (bots) to create more keyword relevance.
  8. Submit a validated sitemap.xml file to search engines via their webmaster tools.
  9. Canonicalize your URLs to eliminate duplicate content and diluted page rank in the index.
  10. Never put crawlable content inside images (Javascript, Silverlight, Flash) as bots can’t read them.
  11. Don’t expect to get a high rank for a newly published page. Trust takes time to build. Consistent effort!
  12. Use social media to build a community.

The Secret of SEO Success

The Basics

  • Build social followers and fans organically
  • Wall posts/tweets with links are perceived as more credible and useful
  • Get the basics of SEO covered then focus on content
  • Create unique, compelling content; you can refer to other content but bring your own perspective
    • don’t take content from article websites or republish articles
    • people who are authorities don’t write for article websites
    • there are no shortcuts

Why Compelling Content

  • Search Engines and visitors respond to unique content and different points of view
  • A Query in a Search Engine is a question; your content is the answer
  • This is the wisest investment of your time
  • Thin content doesn’t work and it can devalue an entire website

Niche & Voice

  • Still plenty available
  • Always two sides to subject
  • Be honest, clear and persevere
  • Start where you can dominate
  • Don’t be afraid to express an informed opinion

    How to Own a Niche – What, Why, How?

    • What gets responded to?
    • Why did it get a response?
    • How can you guide yourself to get that response again?

Why Keyword Research

  • Know exactly what users are searching for
  • Define and uncover new areas you haven’t thought of before
  • Everything related to a topic is shown with numbers attached to it
  • Discover new niches
  • Helps keep you focused
  • Helps with inspiration
  • Find out what’s important to searchers

Fresh Approach to Targeting Optimization

How to Define Value for your Website

  1. Put all of your URL’s in a spreadsheet
  2. Assign each one a dollar amount
  3. Re-sort spreadsheet by dollar value
  4. Organize your work around your highest value area first
    Read Internet Marketing One Hour A Day by Matt Bailey

Getting Technical

How Clean is Your Domain?

Do you know the history of your domain name? It could be labelled as spam!

  • Go to and look for “Wayback Machine” – look at snapshots of what your website used to look like
  • Create clean, keyword rich URL’s
  • Make sure you have fast page load times
  • Make sure your mobile site has a good user experience
  • Pay attention to the technology you use. Is it hiding spam?; Is it crawlable? (JavaScript)
  • Test, test, and test again!
6 major investment areas for SEO

From Duane Forrester – Expert Session

Mobile SEO

  • Skip which produce unwanted duplication
  • Use responsive design and HTML5
  • There are more queries on mobile than desktop

Authority Building Shortlist

  • Know your topic inside and out
  • Engage and share information; it’s probably already public information.
  • Be consistent and useful; weekly articles; 90% about your topic,10% about you or your company
  • Market your strengths; write about what YOU know!
  • Be the “go to” resource
  • Learn to spot trends then share; you won’t always be 100% correct but now and then you WILL knock it out of the ball park!

How Search Continues to Evolve

  • New devices
  • Anything can be a search; voice, pics, gestures, sounds, location, calendars, emails
  • More personalized and mobilized
  • New Apps
  • Changing consumer behaviour

Where does SEO fit in?

  • Content ⇒ Social ⇒ User Experience = Link Building is SEO

When Optimizing Your Site Invest in These Major Areas

  1. Quality
  2. Trust
  3. Popularity
  4. Timeliness

Semantic Markup – this is important!

  • Useful across all search engines
  • can help

Why Social Matters to Search

  • Signals topic authority
  • Real time fresh content
  • Integrated social signals influence click actions of searchers
  • Important in community building; respond to social media comments

Why Conversion Optimization

  • Ensure your conversion path is short and sweet
  • Allows for better Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Off the shelf carts are configurable; tweak to gain improvements

Bing Webmaster Tools | What, where and when?

Link Explorer: Put in any URL and see who links to them; reach out to competitors “linkers.”
SEO Reporting: Set to run automatically and scan any of your URL’s. It will help you understand what you should focus on.
SEO Analyzer: On demand SEO scanning tool that gives a real-time report.

Search Engine Optimization 101 with Duane Forrester

Streamlining Trick for Social Media

Trusted RSS feed ⇒ Social Media via Hootsuite (Twitter/FB/LinkedIn/GooglePlus) ⇒ If This Then That Tool : captures URL’s and puts them into a list with Evernote ⇒ Once a week, copy/paste list and clean up ⇒ Create blog or newsletter

Search Engine Optimization 101 with Duane Forrester

Using Vine – 6 seconds to start a relationship!

Search Engine Optimization 101 with Duane Forrester

Click to Watch  “Learn The Basics of SEO with Duane Forrester Video 

@duaneforrester what does duane do at bing Bing Webmaster Tools Speaks at shows, runs forums and blog, provides guidan...

*As consumer behavior changes you need to change as well